Vertical Lift Storage System

E Storage Vertical Life Storage System involves an extractor tray moving vertically between two static bays of shelving, and bringing the selected tray to a central access point for the user to retrieve the item requested.


It can be used to optimize the storage density by available in varying heights, ranging from 2.55 meter right up to 30 meter. Hence, it offers massive capacity, and yet only occupies the smallest cubic space in the warehouse. The design also includes a product height detection system, located at the access and loading point.


By automatically sensing the height of goods to be stored, the systems locates the optimum location within the system to maximize storage density. Similar to the Vertical Carousels Storage System, it also offers high cycle speed, increase storage space with highly dense storage facility. Besides, extensive safety features and ergonomic design allows the users to work on long period basis at a safe working environment.


E Storage Vertical Life Storage System operated with an electrical control panel that allows the customers to gain the advantages of system integration.


The key advantages to choose this storage system are to save space, increasing safety security and control, improving overall productivity of the company operation.